A downloadable game for Windows

Not available on Steam (as it's obviously been grilled)

Featuring 6 endings and different dialogue paths!

Started as a scripting exercise and I couldn't stop
Thanks to Peter Silk (@KestrelPi) for the music

Based on The Simpsons - 3F18 by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel


steamedhams12.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

Run exe in zip


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nice, i love it, will you make more games of other scenes of the simpsons with this style of game of choices and endings?

Can u Make For 32-Bit Users?

Can u make it on android

Think you can make it for mac?

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Sorry, but I can't with my current setup

Someone else in the comments said they got it working in mac so you could try that

How did they do that?

brew tap claui/cask-games && brew cask install steamed-hams

thats not how that works buster

theres alot to make something for mac just get a hyperviser for windows programs on mac

how do you fullscreen

y o u d o n t

INSULT IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!! And also

I love this game! I can't get enough of it! It's like the original Steamed Hams meme! Thanks, MonsterJail!



To those who have asked for a Mac version: I made a Wine wrapper that can be installed via Homebrew. To install, run the following command line from Terminal:

brew tap claui/cask-games && brew cask install steamed-hams

If you have questions, drop me an issue on GitHub.

it wont load. when I select the file it brings me to a speperate folder with one called "DAVAproject" and "my games" clearly neither of these are it. please help

what are you trying to extract the zip with? Using Windows?

The DAVAproject folder issue isn't familiar to me, google suggests it's related to World of tanks? do you play that?

I used WinRAR which is free (for a month i think) and I used it to extract the game just but it in a new folded

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It doesn't start on my Windows 10, I just hear the music playing.

Not sure what the issue is, I made the game in Windows 10, do you know if you have any problems running other GMS2 games?


windows xp users arre people too ;(


stupid people.

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I downloded the game but its stuck at 5 mb. 

how do i fix this


Seymour says "I hope you're ready", instead of "prepared".

The file won't open for me because I'm on a Mac :/ can you please make a version that is compatible with Mac?

sorry, there's only a Windows version, don't have the means to create a Mac version

Krusty Burgers try best to stop lawsuits with MacDonald, even with the most trival of means.


P.S. im not stupid

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have you tried using wine or wineskins?

I’ve just released a Homebrew Cask for Mac. Pinging you because I could use some feedback :)

best game


I enjoyed every second of the game

That was fun. Great attention to detail and knowledge of Simpsons lore in the alternate endings.