A downloadable game for Windows

Not available on Steam (as it's obviously been grilled)

Featuring 6 endings and different dialogue paths!

Started as a scripting exercise and I couldn't stop
Thanks to Peter Silk (@KestrelPi) for the music

Based on The Simpsons - 3F18 by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Published 32 days ago
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel

Install instructions

Run exe in zip


steamedhams12.zip 5 MB


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ay bois


Seymour says "I hope you're ready", instead of "prepared".

The file won't open for me because I'm on a Mac :/ can you please make a version that is compatible with Mac?

sorry, there's only a Windows version, don't have the means to create a Mac version

Krusty Burgers try best to stop lawsuits with MacDonald, even with the most trival of means.

best game

I enjoyed every second of the game

That was fun. Great attention to detail and knowledge of Simpsons lore in the alternate endings.